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Restructuring & Reorganization
Successful restructuring of companies requires keen business insight, an ability to identify areas of concern, strategic planning, and creativity. In these situations, Our Corporate Advisory Team carefully determine what caused the existing difficulties, and identifies what required to resolve them and to move the company towards long-term profitability and success. Our Corporate Advisory Team works with the management to undertake a complete diagnostic review of the situation to identify current and potential problem areas. This stage would lead to strategy formulation aimed to stabilize and then improve upon current operations.

We work closely with our clients to assure effective structuring, negotiating and implementation of corporate fund raising transactions. Our value creation approach encompasses all the spheres of activities from understanding the client's need for capital to transforming it in to an exciting opportunity for financiers by unlocking the hidden value in the business. We work closely with other capital market participants to raise capital in a timely and cost effective manner.
The Corporate Advisory Group draws from years of industry & investment experience and its access to global network to help companies to achieve greater levels of success.
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